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Fracture/injury cover


Fracture Plus Protection is an optional extra that covers specified fractures, dislocations, muscle ruptures and tears, and you can add it to either Life Protection or Critical Illness Protection at any time before a client’s 65th birthday. One claim can be made in any 12 months. The payout is severity based and is fixed at £6,000, £4,000, £3,000 or £1,500. If someone suffers multiple injuries at the same time, we always pay the highest amount.

Great value

For a small fixed cost a month, which won't change for the life of the policy, your client can benefit from a payout of up to £6,000 if they suffer one of 18 specified fractures, 7 specified ligament tears or tendon ruptures, or a dislocation, during any 12 months.


Fracture Plus Protection is completely flexible and you can add it to a policy at any time before your client turns 65. This means that if they’re not quite ready for it at the start of their policy, you can log in and add it later. You can also stop it anytime – cancelling it won’t affect their main cover. Once it’s been removed, you can’t add it back on.