adding and increasing cover

The typical way

If in the future a client wants to increase or add a different type of cover to their policy, a new application form needs to be completed and they need to be underwritten all over again.

What’s more, the rate applied to any additional cover will be higher because they’re older.

The Guardian way

At Guardian, we think improving your client's protection shouldn't be hard work.

So, our single question-set underwriting philosophy and Reserved Cover gives you the power to increase or add new cover on the same terms as the initial cover for up to 27 months.


The typical way

Most providers allow policyholders to increase their existing cover using a guaranteed increase option (GIO) should a key life event take place.

However, the process is far from easy. Often, providers require a new application with new medical evidence, age limits are applied and the additional cover is subject to current pricing.

The result is GIOs are rarely taken out.

The Guardian way

At Guardian, we offer most policyholders the chance to add to their cover for key life events with no underwriting, no medical evidence, no application form and no age limit.

All we need is an email to say they’d like to use a GIO.

And, most importantly, we price any increased amount on the same basis as the original policy.