Life Protection

Life Protection

Reasons to recommend

  • Better Terminal Illness cover
  • Covers kept separate with our dual life approach
  • Premium Waiver included as standard
  • Payout Planner
  • Optional children’s critical illness cover
  • Guaranteed increase option
  • Immediate Cover
  • Lifestyle promise
  • HALO claims service
  • Guardian Anytime


Often families need quality cover that goes beyond just the mortgage. That’s where Life Protection works perfectly. It’s our premier life cover with enhanced features, ideal if your client’s priority is quality.


Single life or dual life




Lump sum or monthly income

Type of cover

Level Cover, Increasing Cover (RPI), Decreasing Cover (8%), Family Income Benefit.

Terminal illness cover
Terminal illness cover

Our Life Protection not only pays out if a client is expected to survive for less than 12 months. Uniquely, we also guarantee to pay out if they’re diagnosed with incurable stage 4 cancer, motor neurone disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or Parkinson-plus syndromes even if they’re expected to survive more than 12 months.

Dual life
Dual life

With our dual life approach, each person has their own individual cover. And because they both have their own cover, in the event of a claim the survivor will still have their own cover in force which means there could be 2 payouts.

Premium waiver
Premium waiver

Premium Waiver comes as standard regardless of age, occupation, or activities. So if we offer someone cover, they automatically get waiver, which pays out after 4 weeks. And, on our Life Protection, we not only waive premiums if they’re too ill to work, we also waive them for up to 6 months for maternity/paternity leave or if they involuntarily lose their job.

Payout Planner
Payout Planner

Payout Planner allows your Life Protection clients to nominate up to 9 beneficiaries when they apply. It’s simple. It’s quick. And it means we can promptly pay the people your clients wanted the money to go to without waiting for probate to be granted.

Optional children’s critical illness protection
Optional children’s critical illness protection

Rather than including Children’s Critical Illness Protection as standard, we made it an optional extra. This means it’s readily available for those who have children, but premiums are kept to a minimum for those who don’t.

You can choose any amount between £10,000 and £100,000 but the amount is limited to the parent’s cover amount. What’s more, it can be added or removed at any time in the future.

Guaranteed increase option
Guaranteed increase option

We offer most policyholders the chance to add to their cover with no underwriting, no
medical evidence, no application form and no age limit.

Policyholders who have the guaranteed increase option on their policy can add to their cover with no underwriting, no medical evidence, no application form, and no age limit. See policy terms and conditions for more details.

Immediate cover
Immediate cover

If your clients’ cover can’t start right away, we may put Immediate Cover in place for them.
This is temporary cover, of the same type you’ve applied for, and it starts as soon as you
submit the application online to make sure there are no gaps in your clients’ protection.

Lifestyle promise
Lifestyle promise

We may be able to reduce a client’s premium if they were paying an increased amount due to their health or lifestyle and they subsequently:

  • Stop smoking
  • Lose weight for a sustained period
  • Change job
  • Give up sports activities

Our anniversary emails remind clients of the benefits of their policy, including the additional benefits they can use anytime. It also prompts them to speak to their Financial Adviser if their circumstances have changed. You can view a copy of the emails your clients will receive each policy anniversary below, depending on if they have level or increasing cover.

Find out how Life Protection and Life Essentials compare.

AdditIonal services include:

We don’t have a set list of additional services when people claim. Our approach is much more personal, and we call it HALO. Our claims specialists listen to each claimant’s concerns, identify the exact help they need, and through our network of medical and legal experts, make it happen. It’s an extraordinary service, because there’s no such thing as an ordinary claim.

We’re not just here for policyholders when they need to claim. All our customers get free
additional benefits – anytime. This includes 24/7 GP consultations over the phone from anywhere in the world, UK-based face-to-face second medical opinions, over the phone consultations for emotional wellbeing and aches and pains.




Critical Illness<br/>Protection

Critical Illness