Our scenarios demonstrate the flexibility of our menu as well as the superior value of a Guardian policy.

These case studies are not real people, they’ve been created for illustrative purposes.


We do a number of things differently to other providers. Here’s how Jenny is better protected with Guardian.


Jenny’s Combined Life and Critical Illness Protection and Income Protection covers include Premium Waiver as standard with a 4-week deferred period.

If Jenny becomes too ill to work, we’ll pay her premiums until she returns to work. And we’ll also pay her premiums for up to 6 months if she’s made redundant or if she takes maternity leave to grow her family in the future, so long as her policy has been in force for a year.

Other providers offer Premium Waiver, but it’s an optional extra that you need to pay more for. The type of Premium Waiver depends on the type of cover your client’s choose.


For the most claimed for conditions, confirmation from a UK Consultant is all we need. This means we avoid the need for further questions or evidence which can lead to uncertainty and delay.

We also pay out a percentage of the cover amount as an additional payout for many illnesses that are diagnosed in the early stages that don’t meet our full pay out definitions.


When other providers make improvements to the quality of their critical illness cover, the benefits are only available to new customers.

At Guardian, if we improve our critical illness definitions, in most cases we’ll automatically apply the improvements to existing customers’ policies completely free.

If we added an improvement that would impact Jenny’s premiums, we’d give her the choice to pay to add the improvement or not.


Jenny has access to a virtual GP service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That means Jenny can receive unlimited advice, reassurance and, where appropriate, diagnosis from wherever she is in the world.

She also has access to fully supported second medical opinions, emotional wellbeing and aches and pains consultations.


We understand that although clients who are too ill to work need a monthly income, they also want to make a full recovery. So, as part of our HALO claims support service, we offer access to rehabilitation specialists to Income Protection policyholders.

What’s more, these recovery support services are available from the moment Jenny tells us about her claim, regardless of her 13 week deferred period.

Our protection menu means advisers can meet the needs of every client quickly and efficiently, to provide customers with better cover.

Linda Holmes
Chief Technology Officer