Our scenarios demonstrate the flexibility of our menu as well as the superior value of a Guardian policy.

These case studies are not real people, they’ve been created for illustrative purposes.


We do a number of things differently to other providers. Here’s how Sarah and Rob are better protected with Guardian.


At Guardian, we offer a choice of life covers depending on the client’s budget and needs. Sarah and Rob are on a budget and price is a priority for them, so by choosing our Life Essentials cover they have kept the cost of their life cover down, leaving extra money for their critical illness cover.


Many providers offer a joint life policy at a discounted price for couples. However, if one partner dies, the policy pays out and it ends which leaves the surviving partner with no cover.

At Guardian, we offer a dual life approach. Rob and Sarah’s cover is kept separate so if one of them dies or is diagnosed with a critical illness, the other is still protected.


Most providers include a limited amount of children’s critical illness cover with adult critical illness policies. That means clients who just want life cover, can’t get cover for their children. And, if they want critical illness cover but don’t have children, they end up paying for children’s cover they don’t need.

That’s why we’ve made children’s critical illness cover an optional extra. It can be added to Rob or Sarah’s life, or critical illness policy at anytime in the future if they decide to start a family. And they can choose any amount between £10,000 and £100,000, amount is limited to their cover amount.


For the most claimed for conditions, confirmation from a UK Consultant is all we need. This means we avoid the need for further questions or evidence which can lead to uncertainty and delay.

We also pay out a percentage of the cover amount as an additional payout for many illnesses that are diagnosed in the early stages that don’t meet our full pay out definitions.


Our protection menu means advisers can meet the needs of every client quickly and efficiently, to provide customers with better cover.

Linda Holmes
Chief Technology Officer